Outdoor Heating Cable

Product Description

Snow and ice can be very risky leading to accidents. Our heating cable is keeping the roads and surfaces free of snow and ice at all times

Snow melting/ De-icing cables /Mats

Depending upon the areas of application there exists two versions:

  1. Concrete pavements, driveways, exterior stairs, gutters, downspouts, roofs, terraces, road surfaces.
  2. Asphalt pavements or road surfaces. For temperatures up to 240°C for a short duration and safely above 150°C at which the asphalt is laid.

Techincal Details

Freeze Protection/ Pipe trace cables

Product Description

These heating cables are flexible and efficient with a consumption of 15W per linear meter. These cables are designed for domestic and commercial applications to prevent water from freezing. For better results, heating cable is flat shaped to have maximum contact with the object you need to protect

Features and Applications


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